Engenie to become Osprey as EV network plans name change

Engenie to become Osprey as EV network plans name change


Engenie is set to change its name to ‘Osprey’, as the rapid EV charging network looks ahead to expand quickly, meeting the needs of a growing electric vehicle market.

One of the UK’s largest rapid charging networks, Engenie operates open-access units that can charge any type of electric vehicle.

With increasing numbers of EV charging networks coming to market, the change to Osprey will mean that the Engenie network is expected to stand out more.

The formal process of changing the company’s name has begun, which will take several months to complete. The switch to Osprey is expected to be completed in autumn of this year, and until then, the company and charging network will continue to operate as Engenie.

Customers do not need to do anything, and will be informed of the name change once complete. The network’s charge points will remain fully operational, and the Engenie brand’s colours will be retained.

Ian Johnston, the CEO of Engenie, said: “We are at a tipping point. Pure EV sales are up over 130% year-on-year, nearly 75% of car buyers are considering an EV as their next vehicle, and buying a new petrol, diesel or even hybrid car will be impossible in 15 years’ time.

“As the market grows, the needs of EV drivers are significantly shifting. Drivers will not be tolerant of fragmented and difficult to use public charging infrastructure.

“The needs of the mass market customer have been at the heart of our company ethos from day one. We provide rapid and renewable charging points which are compatible with every EV on the market today and are operated by nothing more complicated than a contactless bank card.

“As EV ownership skyrockets during the UK’s post-COVID green recovery, we want these USPs to stand out with a memorable and unique name – Osprey – which is easily identifiable to all UK drivers.”

With key new staff in place, Engenie is aiming to make EV charging as simple as possible for drivers, with a user-focused app in development, and smart screens for easy charger operation. The past year has also seen Engenie install more than 150 rapid charge points at over 110 sites.

Engenie is one of Zap-Map’s dynamic data partners, allowing users to view up-to-date status information on the network’s chargers. Using the Zap-Map app or desktop site, Engenie points show whether they are in use, out of service, or available. The change in company name will be carried out on Zap-Map platforms once finalised.