Etrel reveals new smart EV chargers aimed at businesses and fleets

Etrel reveals new smart EV chargers aimed at businesses and fleets


The Slovenian-based company Etrel has developed a new electric vehicle (EV) charging unit, targeted at businesses and commercial fleets, that has in-built software to automatically reduce energy consumption, as well as allowing operators to manage access to the points, .

Etrel claims to have made a charging unit that hands fleet operators the tools to control an entire private charging network, whilst in turn saving them money.

The new smart chargers have an access control and charging management software app’, which the European company says is perfect for businesses or fleets looking to avoid subscribing to public charging networks. The software essentially allows operators to control access to their own private network of charging points.

What’s more Etrel emphasises that these new points will save on energy bills. Using its on-board energy saving app’, the charging point automatically connects with low cost, off peak energy tariffs that cut that vehicle energy costs by up to two thirds. This has the potential to save £1000 per vehicle on electricity costs alone.

The smart chargers go on sale in the UK this month. They are rated up to 22kW, which allows a full charge of a typical EV battery in 3-4 hours.