Rolec launches new PAYG charging system

EV Charge Online network expands quickly


Rolec EV has added hundreds of charge points to its EV Charge Online network, as businesses are drawn by the clear-to-understand pricing system for EV drivers.

Companies such as Aldi, Next, Symantec, Taylor Wimpey, and NHS Trusts have had Rolec EV’s charge points installed. The EV Charge Online network allows these units to be used by drivers who only pay the cost advertised on the charge point, without any membership or connection fees.

Rolec EV Managing Director, Kieron Alsop, said: “EV Charge Online is the ‘true’ open EV charge point network, launched in response to the growing number of UK EV drivers who were feeling frustrated by the heavy financial burdens placed on them by many of the current national EV charge point network providers.

“With recent developments in the EV charging industry resulting in even more driver and host fees being applied, demand for our EV Charge Online network has hugely increased.

“EV Charge Online allows each and every EV driver to simply pull up to a charge point on the network and pay securely on the spot via their mobile phone for its use. No need for any RFID cards or commitment to joining any specific charging network – therefore avoiding unnecessary annual subscription fees, monthly membership fees and costly ongoing connection charges.

“In effect the EV driver is now only paying for the charge which is, we believe, as it should be. EV Charge Online can be incorporated into our entire EV charging product range including the AutoCharge pedestal, which is our public facing charging solution, as well as our recently launched EV charging street light.

“Just as important is that we are able to easily retro-fit the EV Charge Online system into existing public facing charging pedestals that have been manufactured and installed by others.”

Find publicly available charging points on Zap-Map.