EV charge point manufacturers revise offers and pricing for home units

EV charge point manufacturers revise offers and pricing for home units


With the Office of Low Emissions (OLEV) updating it’s EV Homecharge scheme at the start of next week, many charge point manufacturers have revised their offers on electric car charging points.

Although, the government will still be supporting the installation of charging points at homes across the UK, the grant has been capped at £700 as opposed to £900. Full details on what is on offer from the government under the new EV Homecharge scheme can be found on the OLEV website.

With less money on the table from the government this means that unfortunately for new EV drivers or those looking to get an EV there are no longer any charge point manufacturers offering domestic units and installation for free.

Having said that, there is still a substantial subsidy being offered which means home charging points are still relatively inexpensive to have installed; especially since EV drivers will be recouping the money almost immediately by avoiding petrol stations.

POD Point and Chargemaster both offer 3kW dedicated home charging units for under £200, incluing full installation. There is also the option to upgrade to a 7kW fast unit for around £100 extra.

A link to the full list of accredated OLEV charge point suppliers, plus more information on manufactures, unit specifications and pricing can be found on our Charging at Home page.