EV drivers can do their bit to stop blackouts this winter

EV drivers can do their bit to stop blackouts this winter


Smart electric vehicle charging app ev.energy has partnered with National Grid ESO to help stop blackouts this winter, as part of the Demand Flexibility Service. The company is offering EV drivers the opportunity to join the Take Charge programme, which reduces energy demand when the grid is under strain.

For taking part, drivers can earn double cash rewards in the ev.energy app, meaning they receive £10 for every 30 charges, as well as be in with the chance to win the company’s £1,000 monthly prize draw.

The programme, which lasts from now until March 2023, enables EV drivers to do their bit to help Britain’s energy supplies go further, and earn rewards in the process.

To join the programme, drivers will need to consent to turning on Smart Charging in the ev.energy app. From that point onwards they can continue to plug in as normal for home charging, and the app will automatically shift their charging away from high-demand and high-cost periods to help reduce strain on the grid.

When National Grid ESO forecasts a high-demand period on the grid, participants will be notified up to 24 hours before via email and push notification. Each ‘Flex Event’ will typically last between one and four hours.

Plus, if drivers want to go the extra mile, they may also want to consider not using large electrical appliances such as dishwashers, washing machines and tumble dryers. This is not a requirement of the scheme, however.

Drivers don’t need a particular energy tariff or vehicle in order to participate, and once signed up the process is completely automated so, should they so desire, drivers can simply set it up and forget about it. As well as pure-electric vehicles, plug-in hybrids are also eligible.

To join the ev.energy programme, drivers will need to provide information about their electric smart meter. They will also need consent to share their smart meter data with ev.energy and National Grid, as well as to ev.energy switching on Smart Charging.

Drivers can sign up to the programme on the ev.energy website, where they’ll need to download a free account if they don’t already have one.