Plug-in Car Grants cut from 9th November

EV registrations growing strongly in 2018


Electric vehicle sales in the UK enjoyed a positive July according to figure from the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) with the second highest monthly market share figure ever.

Pure-electric models grew 2.4% compared to July 2017, while Plug-in Hybrid (PHEV) registrations increased by a third. Combined, plug-in market share for July 2018 was 2.8%, behind only December 2017 in terms of record market share.

In total, electric vehicle registrations were up more than 26% compared to last year, with 4,550 sales. Pure-electric just registrations dipped below 20% of combined sales though, and the number of models eligible for the UK’s Plug-in Car Grant was only 82% of total electric sales – the lowest ratio NGC has on record.

ev registrations growing strongly 2018

It must be said that electric vehicles not eligible for the PiCG are often disqualified on terms of cost – with a £60,000 threshold for plug-in hybrids – rather than not meeting efficiency standards.

To date, more than 167,000 electric cars have been registered according to SMMT figures, with the total for 2018 to date sitting at 33,856 units. This represents a market share of 2.3%, well ahead of 2017’s 1.9% – though that’s for the whole 12 months. Current EV/PHEV split for 2018 shows that one in every four plug-in models is a pure-electric car.

ev registrations growing strongly 2018

Table courtesy of SMMT

The averge number of electric vehicles registered each month for 2018 is now 4,856 units, almost 1,000 cars a month up from 2017’s monthly average of 3,939.

Looking at electric models within the alternatively fuelled vehicles (AFV) sector – which includes conventional hybrid registrations too – AFV market share for July 2018 was a new record. The society says that the 6.5% market share for AFVs is a new high, helped by growth of 21% compared to July 2017.

As part of the overall market, the increasing popularity in electric vehicles comes against the now familiar depression the diesel market has found itself in for some time now. Market share for diesels dropped to just 32% for July 2018, with registrations down more than 24% compared to 2017 – a time when the diesel market had already started its decline.

Petrols have benefited from the shift in consumer confidence with growth of 20% compared to last year, and market share now at more than 61%.

ev registrations growing strongly 2018

Table courtesy of SMMT

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