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EVA Scotland begins search for Plugged-in Hotel of the Year


The Electric Vehicle Association Scotland is on the hunt for the country’s top ‘plugged-in’ hotel, which it will honour at a major presentation event in 2023.

In its search for the most forward-looking hospitality businesses, EVA Scotland has been joined by Hotel News Scotland, an online media platform that showcases the work being done by hotels and others in the country’s hospitality sector, to increase the awareness of the challenges they face as EV ownership rapidly expands.

The Association is specifically focusing on hospitality venues, including hotels, B&Bs, self catering businesses, restaurants and holiday hot spots the length and breadth of the country that are making the necessary investments to meet the rapidly growing number of electric vehicle owners who visit Scotland.

“Recently, we issued a call for Scotland’s hospitality industry to go that extra mile and see the installation of EV charge points as an opportunity to boost business through the provision of this essential facility for guests and visitors,” said EVA Scotland’s Chief Operating Officer, Laura Robinson.

EVA Scotland is the voice of electric vehicle owners and drivers in relation to the media, politics in national and local government, acting as industry leaders at this important stage of the transition from fossil fuel to all electric vehicles by 2030.

“Scotland has always been a ‘go to’ destination for car drivers and their families and even more so now that pandemic restrictions have eased. With electric vehicle sales in Scotland rising at a tremendous rate – a 75% increase (year-on-year) in March – and with one in three cars on UK roads expected to be electric by 2025, hospitality venues are gearing up and installing more EV charge point facilities for guests and visitors… this must continue at pace,” Robinson continued.

“We are delighted to welcome Hotel News Scotland to assist in the development and promotion this initiative through its wealth of experience in a wide rage of hospitality sectors.”

Hotels News Scotland founder and Editor Renata Fernandes will advise and assist EVA Scotland in a range of initiatives that will culminate in a major awards presentation event in September 2023. It will focus on recognising and honouring those in Scotland’s hospitality sectors who have made significant contributions towards the transition to all electric transportation.

“Our objective has always been to provide not only holiday information for electric vehicle drivers but to inform and inspire hospitality professionals across the country to invest in the essential facilities expected in today’s changing holiday environment,” said Fernandes.

“There has never been such an important time in the development of the industry in looking forward and offering one of the most important elements that will be expected by visitors and guest in the years ahead… and that is the ability to charge their electric vehicles at the hotels and venues they visit.”

The search for Plugged-in Hotel of the Year welcomes news from every hotel in Scotland, irrespective of size and rating.