Evolt picked for exclusive new development’s charging solution

Evolt picked for exclusive new development’s charging solution


Charge point provider Evolt has installed 38 new points at Fitzroy Place, a new development in Fitzrovia, London. The work included not only the new points, but also Evolt’s load distribution technology.

This means that maximum power is always available to all the charge points and evenly distributed, preventing overloading. When an EV is fully charged for example, its power usage is re-distributed to other EVs so that they can be charged in the fastest possible time.

The single outlet AC wall mount units are split into four groups, each controlled by a distribution board. They are then connected to a centralised server which manages the whole system and provides real-time reporting for operators.

Michael Bucknell, Development Director at Exemplar said: “Evolt’s installation of car charge points was a key contribution for us meeting our demanding sustainability objectives at Fitzroy Place.

“As we see Central London’s air quality moving up the political agenda, encouraging residents and occupiers to embrace electric vehicles will become increasingly key to tackling this very serious health and environmental issue.”

Justin Meyer, General Manager of Evolt, said: “Charge points at new builds are becoming commonplace, as an increasing number of city dwellers and office workers are increasingly environmentally conscious.

“We are visibly seeing the demand for AC charge points at new builds and it is important to install technology that manages power distribution, otherwise a site’s charge point network may never effectively charge numerous EVs simultaneously.”

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