Fastned goes live on Allstar/Zapmap digital payment solution for electric fleets

Fastned opens its 21st UK hub

Nic Ryan

Fastned has expanded its network, opening three new hubs within one month, bringing the total number to 21 in the UK.

The new hubs add twelve ultra-rapid chargers to the Fastned network, where electric drivers can charge up to 300 miles of range in 20 minutes. 

The three new charging locations can be found in Andover in Hampshire, Camborne in Cornwall and Basildon in Essex.

Fastned was voted the UK’s best-rated en-route charging network by Zapmap users in our annual survey for its reliability and simple payment options, including Zap-Pay, the simple way to pay for charging within the Zapmap app.

Fastned now operates 300 ultra-rapid charging stations with a total of more than 1700 chargers across seven countries, opening the first UK ultra-rapid charging hub in 2019 in Sunderland. Since then, the company has opened 20 more charging hubs across the country, with 112 ultra-rapid chargers currently available for EV drivers.

“Reaching this UK milestone is a proud achievement for Fastned,” said Tom Hurst, UK Country Manager, Fastned.

“With grid connections and planning processes at times slow, we’ve not always been able to move at the speed we’d want. But we’ve high hopes for 2024 as demand for EV charging grows and the country gets on board with the EV transition.”


Zapmobile charges at Fastned charge point

The Zapmobile stops to charge at a Fastned charging hub on its recent trip to Amsterdam.


Fastned shares a Live data partnership with Zapmap, enabling users of the Zapmap app and desktop map to access the live status and availability of its charge points at any time, making planning for charging on longer journeys even easier.

“Overall 2023 was a very good year for EV charging, particularly for high-powered charging hubs that support electric car drivers on longer journeys,” said Matt Lloyd, CPO Manager at Zapmap.

“This is evident in Zapmap's latest figures, which show that record growth in the number of both ultra-rapid chargers and high-power hubs was the defining characteristic of 2023. It's great to see this trend continuing in 2024 with Fastned opening its 21st charging hub in the UK.

"Fastned’s offering certainly seems to be resonating well with electric car drivers, with its iconic hub design, highly reliable charging and simple payment winning praise up and down the country. Fastned won Zapmap's latest ‘Best En-route Charging Network’ accreditation, as rated by EV drivers in our most recent survey. It goes without saying that the network's reliability and ease of use were key to this position.

"Make sure to keep an eye out for many more of Fastned’s eye-catching yellow canopies popping up over the next few years. Here at Zapmap we very much look forward to displaying more of Fastned's fantastic charging locations on the map as they are rolled out across the UK and Europe during 2024."