First 60kW rapid charger installed in UK

First 60kW rapid charger installed in UK


Alfa Power has installed the UK’s first 60 kW public EV rapid charge point, with the unit currently the fastest way to charge any non-Tesla electric vehicle on these shores.

Put in at the Crown Service Station in Brighouse, West Yorkshire, the new Alfa Power charge point looks to provide rapid EV charging at an area with low air quality.

The triple-header unit can charge at 60 kW on CCS and CHAdeMO connectors for those vehicles fitted with such an inlet. There is also a tethered 43 kW AC Type 2 connector, plus a Type 2 22 kW inlet for fast charging.

Available to find on Zap-Map, the point is currently listed at 50 kW, alongside the standard rapid charge points in the UK. For most EV drivers, this is as much as the car can accept anyway.

For those models that can take more than 50 kW – the Jaguar I-Pace and Hyundai Kona Electric for example can take up to 100 kW DC – the models will charge at the full 60 kW when situations allow.

Until the installation of ultra-rapid chargers – those offering 100 kW or more in power – the unit is the fastest available to find on Zap-Map. Charge points from the likes of the Ionity network will be able to charge at up to 350 kW CCS when they go online, but these are not operational yet.

Alfa Power plans to install 100 kW ultra-rapid charge points in the neat future, positioned strategically between the UK’s major cities. As these go live, they will be added to Zap-Map.

Alfa Power’s Managing Director, Alex Hinchcliffe, said: “We are proud and delighted to have installed the first commercial rapid charger accessible to any EV driver with specifications over and above the 50 kW benchmark.”

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