First UK Tesla Superchargers now open to the public

First UK Tesla Superchargers now open to the public


Tesla has opened two new Supercharger locations, one at Hyatt Regency, Birmingham (B1 2JZ) and the other in Portman Square, London (W1H 7BH).

This now bring the total number of UK Tesla Superchargers to 3 with more installations planned for Winter 2014-2015. Previously, the only Supercharger available to Tesla EV drivers in the UK was at Royal Victoria Docks, London (E16 1GB).

uk tesla superchargersLocate UK Tesla Superchargers by clicking on the relevant point above or using Zap-Map Live.

The announcement comes soon after recently reaching a landmark 50 Supercharger installations across Europe and coincides with the June 2014 release of the Model S in the UK.

The Supercharger charge points offer 120kW of power (roughly 16 times faster than most public charging points) and can deliver a 50% charge to a Model S in under 20 minutes. This equates to supplying around 150 miles in range.

The added benefit for Tesla Model S owners is that this service is free, for life! Note that only 85kWh and 60kWh Supercharging-enabled Tesla Model S’s are ab;e to take advantage of the high powered charge points.

UK Tesla Superchargers are available 24 hours a day and offer one hour of free parking.

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