Geneva Motor Show 2020 - electric stars for the show that never was

Geneva Motor Show 2020 - electric stars for the show that never was


The Geneva Motor Show has been cancelled due to the spread of coronavirus, but that hasn’t stopped us covering the show that isn’t taking place.

The manufacturers haven’t just abandoned plans to reveal their latest models however, and over the past couple of days a number of new cars and concepts have been launched. Here we round-up the key electric models.

Audi e-tron S & A3 Sportback

geneva motor show 2020 electric stars show

A couple of electric developments have come from Audi. The e-tron SUV and Sportback range will see an S model added to the line-up. This high-performance version uses three electric motors for a maximum 370 kW and 973 Nm of torque in overboost – 320 kW and 808 Nm ordinarily.

Performance times drop to 4.5 seconds for the 0-62 mph sprint, and efficiency hasn’t been compromised, as in normal conditions, just the rear electric motor drives the car, while the front two kick in when additional pace or grip is required.

The new A3 Sportback has been confirmed to be available with two plug-in hybrid options in the near future. Following in the footsteps of the similarly-sized VW Golf and Seat Leon, the A3 Sportback – which shares a platform and powertrains with those models – will have a sportier PHEV and a more efficient version available.

BMW Concept i4

geneva motor show 2020 electric stars show

The BMW i4 is almost production ready, and we can expect the model at its full launch to look similar inside and out, plus use the powertrain quoted for the concept. That means the Tesla Model 3 rival will feature a range of 373 miles on a charge from BMW’s latest-generation battery.

Due to reduced weight and greater efficiency, the above range is possible from an 80 kWh battery. Ordinarily, to find a similar driving range in current models, you would find a 100 kWh battery.

Performance will be covered by a 390 kW (530 hp) motor, allowing a 0-62 mph time of 4.0 seconds and a top speed of 124 mph.

Cupra Formentor

geneva motor show 2020 electric stars show

The performance version of the Cupra Formentor has been revealed, barely changing from the concept shown at last year’s Geneva show. Available as a PHEV version – using a 239 hp powertrain shared with the forthcoming Cupra Leon – the SUV is Cupra’s first stand-alone model from Seat’s performance brand.

DS 9

geneva motor show 2020 electric stars show

As previewed before the Geneva show was cancelled, the DS 9 will be an executive saloon to challenge the traditional German manufacturers. Available with a choice of plug-in hybrid powertrains, the DS 9 will look to channel the spirit of the original DS and provide plenty of legroom and comfort for occupants.

Fiat 500

geneva motor show 2020 electric stars show

Fiat’s iconic 500 will see the next-generation electrified, and with a good set of specifications available too. Having previously been available as the 500e in selected markets, this time the little Fiat is going into full-production trim.

A range of 199 miles will be possible from the 42 kWh battery, powering an 87 kW electric motor. Charging can be carried out at up to 85 kW from rapid DC points, and 11 kW AC on-board charging capabilities.

Driving modes of Normal, Range, and Sherpa are available. Range increases brake energy recuperation to allow for near one-pedal driving, while the new-to-EV-terminology Sherpa will behave ‘like a Himalayan Sherpa, who is in charge of the whole expedition’ and adjusts settings according to requirements – effectively ‘Eco’ mode, with reduced performance.

Set to go up against the Mini Electric and Honda e, there are now a trio of desirable citycars with a focus on style rather than outright driving range. Prices start at £29,000 (inc. PiCG) and pre-orders are open for the 500 in both hatchback and convertible form.

Hyundai Prophecy

geneva motor show 2020 electric stars show

Hyundai’s concept draws inspiration from a number of manufacturers – Saab and Tesla spring immediately to mind – but is very definitely a departure for the Korean manufacturer. The sleek four-door saloon looks like it’s ready to appear in a sci-fi film, it is of course electric.

The Prophecy is a showcase for the designers’ vision of future design trends, whilst also acting as a showcase for autonomous driving technology and a novel approach on interior design and controls.

Mazda MX-30

geneva motor show 2020 electric stars show

The pure-electric MX-30 has now officially launched in Europe, with prices revealed for the UK market. The compact electric crossover will start at £26,995 (inc. PiCG) for the First Edition models.

Range is around 124 miles on a charge from a 35.5 kWh battery, with charging possible at 6.6 kW on AC and 50 kW on rapid DC points. With a now relatively small battery, recharging times are short, and the MX-30 is looking to challenge the likes of Mini and Honda rather than the long-range Hyundai Kona Electric or Kia Soul EV.

Renault Morphoz

geneva motor show 2020 electric stars show

Renault has quite the back catalogue of wild concepts, with the Morphoz the latest to join that portfolio. This time around, the concept can stretch to provide greater interior space, depending on needs. Travel mode see the front end and boot shift further apart, while City mode sees the Morphoz become mode compact.

Electrically powered, the Morphoz ordinarily comes with a 40 KWh battery for a range of 249 miles. However, adding to the adaptable nature of the concept, those about to head on a long trip can drive to a ground-embedded charging station, where an additional 50 kWh battery is fitted, extending range to 435 miles.


geneva motor show 2020 electric stars show

The latest addition to the ID. range, the 4 is a pure-electric crossover that is now shown in production form, having evolved from th ID. Crozz concept. Due later this year, the ID. 4 is based on the same MEB platform that underpins the ID. 3 hatchback, and will form the basis of a number of electric models from the VW Group.

The ID. 4 will have a range of up to 310 miles, depending on specification, which sounds as though VW will carry over its ID. 3 set-up with a choice of three battery sizes available.