GeniePoint network bought by Engie

GeniePoint network bought by Engie


Engie has bought ChargePoint Services (CPS), the parent company of the GeniePoint public EV charging network, taking control of more than 300 EV charge points serving 20,000 customers.

The pay-as-you-go network is a Zap-Map dynamic data partner, and the new deal will see energy and services group Engie expand its position within the UK’s green mobility industry.

Zap-Map has more than 300 fast and rapid charge points for GeniePoint on Zap-Map, with almost 800 connectors available for users at over 250 locations. The network has expanded quickly, and there are plans to increase charge point numbers further to more than 400 rapid points and over 500 fast chargers by the end of 2019.

Engie already has experience in the EV charging sector, with its charge point firm EVBox already part of the group, and more than 75,000 charge points installed worldwide. It has also been appointed by West Yorkshire Combined Authority to install 88 rapid chargers in the region.

Nicola Lovett, Engie UK & Ireland CEO, said: “The provision of green mobility solutions is a key part of Engie’s wider strategy to help tackle air quality in cities and be a leader in the transition to a zero-carbon economy. Acquiring CPS is an important step in scaling up our ambitions in the EV market, complementing our existing energy supply activities and our partnerships with local authorities and businesses.”

Alex Bamberg, Managing Director of ChargePoint Services, said: “Becoming part of Engie is an exciting move for CPS. The combination of Engie’s renewable energy, hardware technology and installation capability, together with our own significant experience in EV charging network management, infrastructure roll-out, and 24/7 customer service provision, will create a major player in electric vehicle fuelling in the UK.”