GeniePoint picked for sustainable refurbishment

GeniePoint picked for sustainable refurbishment


GeniePoint has installed 12 EV charge points at Castlemead, Bristol’s tallest building, as refurbishment focused on reducing its carbon footprint.

The new Alfen smart charging units were installed by GeniePoint parent company Engie, and will use 100% renewable electricity to charge EVs. The new units aim to help tenants make the switch to electric vehicles.

The points are managed and operated by the GeniePoint network, with drivers able to charge whilst working in the offices. Being registered to the network also allows users access to other GeniePoint units nationwide, and the Revive network in Bristol and the South West.

Greg Davison, Asset Manager at Floreat, said: “Sustainability is at the forefront of our decision-making process and the major refurbishment of the building was the perfect opportunity to introduce new market leading amenities for the tenants.

“The focus has been on ensuring as many occupiers as possible can have the ability to travel to and from the building on a zero-emission basis. The new sports and changing facilities for walkers, runners and cyclists combined with the GeniePoint Network electric charging stations, complement each other seamlessly.”

Alex Bamberg, Managing Director, Engie EV Solutions, said: “Despite significant disruption this year caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, registrations of BEVs (Battery Electric Vehicles) have grown 261.8% on 2019 figures.

“The workplace is a major destination and dwell point for drivers, so providing reliable, accessible EV charging at the workplace is key in supporting this continued growth to enable the UK to reach net Zero status.”