GRIDSERVE installs fastest public charger at Braintree Electric Forecourt

GRIDSERVE installs fastest public charger at Braintree Electric Forecourt


Available to the UK public for the first time, GRIDSERVE has installed the UK’s fastest car charger for public usage at Braintree Electric Forecourt®. Capable of delivering a maximum output of up to 360kW, it can add approximately 100 miles in less than five minutes.

This latest innovation in public charging is suitable for all EV drivers with two CCS connectors with long cables, contactless payment and easy access for wheelchair users, and its positioning at the site allows for HGVs and cars towing caravans to charge with ease.

The installation of this ABB Terra 360 charger is a trial of the cutting-edge technology for GRIDSERVE which, if successful, could become a regular at Electric Forecourts and Electric Super Hubs on the GRIDSERVE Electric Highway.

“We are delighted to be partnering with GRIDSERVE to bring our latest innovation in high power charging to the UK market,” said Frank Muehlon, CEO of ABB E-mobility

“The Braintree Electric Forecourt represents the future for the UK consumer e-mobility experience, and we are proud to be supporting GRIDSERVE on this milestone launch.”

Braintree Electric Forecourt continues to be one of the most advanced EV charging facilities in the world, and this latest addition to the site now enables 36 EVs to be charged simultaneously. The location is also an ‘EV experience destination,’ as GRIDSERVE describes it, sporting on-site facilities and retail offerings, where visitors can also test drive the latest EVs, investigate deals from GRIDSERVE Car Leasing and find out more about living with and charging an electric car.

Data shows that this experience is welcomed by drivers, with the Braintree Electric Forecourt being the fifth most popular EV charging location in England, according to data from Zap-Map for Q2 2022.

gridserve installs uk’s fastest public charger at braintree electric forecourt

The new charger could become a regular at GRIDSERVE Electric Forecourts.

“It is fantastic to have the UK’s first 360kW capable charger open to the public at Braintree Electric Forecourt,” said Toddington Harper, CEO of GRIDSERVE.

“By installing this latest innovation now, we are offering state of the art charging technology to our customers. It can be used with a variety of electric vehicles including HGVs and cars towing caravans.

“We’ve listened to driver feedback that our towing customers needed additional space to charge without decoupling and this new charger installation has given us the opportunity to provide that charging area at Braintree Electric Forecourt. GRIDSERVE is committed to providing the best charging experience for all EV drivers and we hope to support more drivers in making the switch to electric vehicles.”

Ultimately, GRIDSERVE is aiming to deliver over 100 Electric Forecourts. Along with those already opened in Braintree and Norwich, construction has now begun on London Gatwick Airport Electric Forecourt, which is due to open in 2023.

Upcoming sites include Stevenage, Gateshead and Uckfield with planning permission also granted for Electric Forecourts in Bromborough, Plymouth and Markham Vale.