Hydrogen pumps added to Zap-Map

Hydrogen pumps added to Zap-Map


Zap-Map and sister site Next Green Car have rolled out new hydrogen fuel cell car (FCEV) content across their digital platforms. The move comes in response to an increased number of FCEV models coming to market and the associated improvement in refuelling infrastructure.

Zap-Map Zap-Map, has added publicly available hydrogen refuelling stations to the map. With a dedicated filter to show hydrogen pumps and pressures available, this will enable drivers of FCEVs to use Zap-Map just as current EV and PHEV users do: to locate, navigate to and comment on stations.

With publicly available hydrogen pumps existing at just 14 locations, it is clear that the hydrogen infrastructure is in it’s infancy when compared to the 4,000+ EV charging point locations around the UK. However, this number will grow quickly as funding is confirmed for a UK and Europe-wide expansion of the hydrogen refuelling network, which in its turn is an important consideration to increase the uptake of FCEVs.

Although it may initially seem strange to provide hydrogen pump points on a map for electric vehicle charge points, FCEVs are electric vehicles at heart, and there are already models confirmed for production that will be plug-in hybrid hydrogen fuel cell vehicles. These will work in the same way as a conventional PHEV, but with a hydrogen fuel cell replacing the petrol or diesel powertrain.

In parallel, car buying site Next Green Car has a brand new FCEV page, model search, reviews and content, reflecting the increasing importance of the technology in the automotive sector. There are now two FCEVs available for the public to buy – Hyundai’s ix35 Fuel Cell and the Toyota Mirai – and they will be joined by Honda’s Clarity Fuel Cell later this year.

A number of manufacturers have confirmed that they are working on hydrogen fuel cell technology and aim to produce models within the next few years too, with BMW, Mercedes and Audi all having plans in the pipeline. Next Green Car’s new section explains how the technology works, the benefits and drawbacks of FCEVs, and what is involved in owning one.

Dr Ben Lane, Director at Next Green Car & Zap-Map commented: “As part of our mission to provide high quality information, we are very pleased to announce the addition of hydrogen stations to Zap-Map web and app platforms. While battery and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles will take the lion’s share of the ULEV market in the next decade, we believe that hydrogen fuel cell cars and vans will also play a key role in the UK’s future vehicle fleet.”