InstaVolt confirms UK-wide rapid charger roll-out

InstaVolt confirms UK-wide rapid charger roll-out


InstaVolt is set to install more than 200 rapid charge points from US firm ChargePoint. The multi-million pound deal will see the InstaVolt work with what is claimed to be the world’s largest EV charging network, installing the American units across the UK.

Installations will begin later this year from the rapid charger specialists InstaVolt, and it will be the first time ChargePoint’s Express Plus modular ultra charger system will be seen in the UK.

The new Express Plus set-up has been designed so that it can scale up or down to meet demand, and be as future proof as possible. Units can either be linked together directly or via a Power Cube, which scales up the amount of power able to be delivered.

With up to eight charge points on one Power Cube for example, one connector can provide up to 187 kW of charge, and 125 kW output simultaneously across all devices. Adding additional Power Cubes increases the amount of power available for charging, with four cubes – two charge points each – can provide 312 kW to charge EVs simultaneously.

With EVs due in the next few years with the ability to charge at 150 kW or even 350 kW, the Express Plus system allows owners to increase power outputs as the electric car market develops. Currently though, the systems can operate at existing rapid charge standards though of course, and can come with up to three connectors per unit including CHAdeMO and CCS.

Tim Payne, CEO at InstaVolt, said: “ChargePoint will fulfil two important criteria for us: the charging units are future-proofed so the units can be configured to meet the precise requirements of any site and can be scaled incrementally as demand for higher rate charging increases.

“This is particularly important as EV manufacturers begin to bring out new models with increased battery capacity. We are also committed to making sure the units are working 24/7 and so the reliability of the ChargePoint product is one of the cornerstones of our offer.”

Simon Lonsdale, Vice President of Business Development, ChargePoint said: “InstaVolt has raised millions to install a DC rapid charge network country-wide across the UK.

“We are two companies that are committed to e-mobility in Europe, accelerating the driving revolution by making e-mobility a part of everyday life. InstaVolt is well positioned to help expand EV charging in the UK and are a great partner in this effort.”

InstaVolt is set to install the new rapid chargers later this year, and these will appear on Zap-Map once commissioned. Find other public rapid, fast, and slow charge points on the desktop map or the Zap-Map app.