InstaVolt rapids roll-out in Mid Devon

InstaVolt offers free rapid charging in May


Rapid charging network InstaVolt is offering drivers free charging during May, in celebration of its 100th installation.

The fast-expanding network switched on its 100th charger in Epping this week, with all of the units dual-connector 50 kW DC rapid chargers that use a pay-as-you-go contactless bank card payment system.

During May, drivers will need to tap a bank card to initiate the charging process as usual, but there will be no bill for the session. Ordinarily, there is a 35p per kWh cost for usage, but this is put on hold until the start of June. There is no restriction to how much electricity is used, or charging sessions completed.

On top of the 100 chargers already installed and active, there are a further 27 units in the ground awaiting connection. InstaVolt aims to have 3,000 rapid chargers in operation by 2021.

All InstaVolt units can be found on Zap-Map by using the network filters. Since the network is a Zap-Map dynamic data partner, users can see live status updates for as accurate charger availability as possible.

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