Ionity network reaches key milestone

Ionity network reaches key milestone


Ionity has opened its 100th ultra-rapid charging station in Rygge, Norway, continuing the network’s rapid expansion across Europe.

The network recently opened its first points in the UK at Maidstone, with more locations confirmed at Milton Keynes and Gretna, before the network rolls-out across the rest of the country.

Backed by BMW, Daimler, Ford, and the VW Group, Ionity is installing ultra-rapid 350 kW CCS charge points along the key arterial routes of Europe. The network is currently working on 51 sites, strategically placed for EV drivers to complete long-distance travel.

The Rygge site has six 350 kW CCS charge points, with the option to expand with another six. The location is a good location to charge for those traveling from Oslo to cities such as Gothenburg, Copenhagen, and Hamburg.

No EV can currently charge at the maximum 350 kW the stations are capable of, but models are on their way. There are EVs that can charge at 100kW and 150 kW, so these Ionity stations will top up a driver’s car two or three times faster than a standard 50 kW rapid charger.