IONITY charge points at Gateshead shopping centre

IONITY unveils first UK retail location EV charge points at Gateshead’s Metrocentre

Nic Ryan

IONITY has announced the opening of six new ultra-rapid chargers at Gateshead’s Metrocentre, the first time the charge point operator has partnered with a retail site in the UK.

Located just off the A1, the chargers will serve electric vehicle (EV) drivers in the North-East of England, as well as shoppers and long-distance travellers.

Ultra-rapid charge points have the capacity to deliver a full charge in under 20 minutes, depending on the model of EV being charged. 

IONITY chargers are powered by 100% renewable, green energy, from source to socket - enabling EV travel to be emission free and truly carbon neutral.

“We take great pride in opening a new charging hub at one of the largest shopping centres in the UK, making it our first charging site at a retail park,” said IONITY’s Country Manager of UK and Ireland, Andreas Atkins.

“Wherever charging points are located, there is a significant impact on a site’s overall trade levels due to an influx of a new customer base of EV drivers, and we are confident this will be the case at Metrocentre, especially with the various amenities they have on offer.

"IONITY has plans to continue expansion across the UK and Europe, with the aim to have a charging site every 60 to 80 miles on average across Europe’s highway network."

Thanks to its Live data partnership with Zapmap, IONITY charge points show live status and availability information available via the Zapmap app and web map, making planning your routes and charge stops even easier.

“Creating a sustainable future is important to the centre and our partnership with IONITY further reinforces our commitment to sustainability as we adapt to the evolving needs of our visitors," said Ben Cox of Sovereign Centros, Senior Asset Manager for Metrocentre.

“As more people make the switch to EV ownership, decisions on where to shop and socialise will be influenced by charging infrastructure.

“These new chargers will support our commitment and provide EV charging for both local visitors and those visiting from further afield.

“The addition of these ultra-rapid chargers will add to the centre’s existing provision, making it one of the biggest EV charging infrastructures in a UK shopping centre.”