Lidl reaches its 100th rapid charger milestone

Lidl reaches its 100th rapid charger milestone


As part of a partnership to install 350 chargers in Lidl car parks, Pod Point has just passed the 100th charger milestone. These rapid chargers cost 23p/kWh and give shoppers the chance to charge quickly while they spend time in-store. They can be found around the UK and new ones are being added on a regular basis, with 250 more planned by 2022.

This charging milestone comes after the installation of a charger at the Hayes Uxbridge Road store in Hillingdon, West London. 

In 2020, Lidl’s chargers provided 1.1 million kWh of energy to power customers’ vehicles — this is enough energy to drive 4.4 million electric miles. It’s estimated that EV drivers using Lidl’s charge points have saved more than 1.77 million kg of CO2 since the first installations went live. This is equivalent to removing 920 diesel cars off the road.

Lidl is investing a total of more than £25M in charging infrastructure. This forms part of the store’s commitment to address range anxiety, accelerate the transition to electric vehicles, and help customers to lead more sustainable lives. 

Alan Barry, Chief Development Officer for Lidl GB commented:

“We are committed to empowering our customers to make the right decisions for their lifestyle and are delighted to have reached this important milestone of bringing rapid charging for electric vehicles to 100 of our stores. We look forward to delivering this service to even more local areas in the near future as we continue with our investment.”

Lidl is also home to the most-used public charger within the Pod Point network. The industrious ‘Nick-Bill’ at the Lidl Northolt in West London delivered almost 40,000 kWh in 2020.

This recent trend of installing rapid chargers at destinations where electric car drivers visit regularly is a great step forward in practical infrastructure. Alongside chargers installed at retail parks, pubs, and fast food outlets, supermarket chargers represent an easy way for drivers to charge their electric cars while going about their normal day.

Tesco, for example, has over 600 chargers across 300 locations. Network provider Pod Point offers free charging on its fast 7/22kW chargers, while customers need to pay for rapid charge points. As well as Lidl and Tesco, other supermarkets with free EV charging points include Sainsbury’s and Aldi.

Morrisons, Waitrose and Asda also have EV charging points, but they aren’t free to use on a pay-as-you-go basis.