Longer range Kangoo Van Z.E. 33 launched by Renault

Longer range Kangoo Van Z.E. 33 launched by Renault


Renault has launched a new longer-range version of its Kangoo van, drawing on developments made for the Zoe Z.E. 40.

The new Kangoo Z.E. 33 promises more than 50% more range on a single charge, with a battery pack upgraded to 33 kWh from the previous model’s 22 kWh offering.

This sees the official range move up to 170 miles on the NEDC cycle, with Renault quoting a 124 mile real-world range available.

Available in four variations, the Kango Z.E. 33 will be able to deal with the needs of a number of different business types. The Kangoo Van Z.E. 33 is a compact LCV with two seats and a 3.6m3 load capacity. while the Kangoo Maxi Van Z.E. 33 increases that volume to 4.6m3.

The Kangoo Maxi Crew Van Z.E. 33 seats five with a load capacity of 1.3m3, and the Kangoo Maxi Crew Van Cab Z.E. 33 is the most flexible of the lot, with a movable bulkhead. This allows for either a crew of five to be seated, or a load capacity of 3.6m3, depending on what’s required at the time.

Renault is offering the new Kangoo EV either as a conventional outright purchase, or with a monthly battery leasing agreement. For users covering up to 4,500 miles a year, the monthly cost of battery leasing would be £49. This moves up increments of 1,500 miles, costing £8 extra per month, until an annual mileage of up to 10,500 miles, which costs £81 a month.

As with the Zoe, the additional range has come about largely because of a higher energy density battery, rather than a physically larger pack. However, the new Kangoo Van Z.E. 33 does also feature more efficient electric motor. It’s also fitted with an upgraded 7kW on-board charger, while there’s an option for a permanent ECO mode, and a heat pump to further increase the available range.

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