Longer range Nissan LEAF E-Plus confirmed for 2019

Longer range Nissan LEAF E-Plus confirmed for 2019


Following the long awaited LEAF 40 kWh launched earlier this year, Nissan have confirmed that a longer range and higher power LEAF EV is due in 2019.

As reported on Autoguide, Nissan’s head of EV marketing, Brian Maragno, corroborated recent rumours that a LEAF, possibly with a 60 kWh battery, will be available next year, sporting the new ‘E-Plus’ badge.

While the precise size of the battery remains unconfirmed, in addition to more range, the new LEAF E-Plus will have more available power, increasing from from 110 kW to 149 kW. As Maragno explained: “When you have a bigger battery, with more capacity, it just opens up the door to be able to have more output”.

Should a larger battery size of 60 kWh be broadly correct, this would give the next LEAF a real driving range in excess of 250 miles, more than enough for the vast majority of journeys made by UK drivers.

Given the occasional rapid charge limitations of the current air-cooled LEAF 40 kWh, which in cases of repeated rapid charging in a short time reduces charging rates to extend battery life, the E-Plus battery is almost certain to be liquid cooled.

Any apparent charging issues, however, seem to have had little effect on Nissan’s EV sales, with the LEAF continuing to be the most popular pure EV in the UK and European markets. Adding to the 100,000 LEAFs already on EU roads, more than 37,000 LEAF 40 kWh have been sold. At the right price point, the E-Plus is likely to consolidate the LEAF’s market lead.