MEGA-E ultra rapid network goes live in Eindhoven

MEGA-E ultra rapid network goes live in Eindhoven


The first ultra-rapid EV charge points to make up part of the European MEGA-E network have gone live in the Netherlands today (Tuesday 3rd July).

Able to charge an EV at up to 350 kW, the European MEGA-E (Metropolitan Greater Areas Electrified) Project will complement the IONITY network in offering ultra-rapid EV charging across the continent.

MEGA-E’s launch at the Van der Valk Hotel in Eindhoven is the start of the installation of 322 ultra-rapid chargers and 39 charging hubs in at least 10 European cities, helping make pan-European EV travel easier.

Where IONITY covers the major European routes at service stations, the MEGA-E network provides infrastructure at key urban locations.

The charging location will have 50 charge points, offering a mixture of smart, fast, rapid, and ultra rapid charging. There are 24 Tesla Superchargers installed, plus the Allego ChargingPlaza which provides 16 fast 22 kW charge points – with software to balance power across plugged-in vehicles.

Four ultra-rapid charge points can supply up to 350 kW, and there are two conventional rapid chargers for up to 50 kWh charging. Finally, there are four 11 kW fast chargers, with the location providing EV charging for any situation.

Currently, there are no EVs on the market that can accept 350 kW charging, with Hyundai’s Ioniq Electric and forthcoming Kona Electric, plus Jaguar’s I-Pace the only models able to accept up to 100 kW – excluding Tesla’s range that can access the Tesla-only Supercharger network.

Audi’s e-tron quattro, due later thie year, will be able to charge at up to 150 kW, while Porsche’s Taycan – due towards the end of next year – is expected to be the first EV able to charge at 350 kW.

MEGA-E is scheduled to launch in the UK in the future, along with Belgium, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Norway, Poland, and Sweden.

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