Modular eBussy due next year

Modular eBussy due next year


German firm Electric Brands has revealed plans for its eBussy – a versatile, modular electric vehicle, due to go on sale in 2021.

The eBussy is available in up to 10 different body styles, two chassis configurations, and a range of battery options. The eBussy uses four electric motors for all-wheel drive.

Power is quoted at only 15 kW – though it’s not clear whether this would be per motor or total. Ranges quoted vary between 124 miles and 373 miles depending on configuration.

The reason for such a large variation is because there is a standard 10 kWh battery pack, made up of eight 1.25 kWh units. This can be added to in segments of one 1.25 kWh battery, up to a total of 24 units for a 30 kWh pack.

Available modules can be added to either the Standard or Off-Road chassis, and each can easily be removed and swapped with other modules. No special tools are required or a trip to a dealership, though more than one pair of hands will be essential.

Options include: pick-up, tipper, double-cab, transporter, small or large van, campervan, and cabrio. Charging can be carried out at fast points – no rapid option – and there’s a solar roof on the driver’s cab that can add around 13 kWh of charge during a day.

There’s no word yest as to whether it will be offered in the UK, though with the versatile and modular nature of the design, there should be little difficulty in making it available here.

Prices in Germany will start at 15,800 euros (approx. £14,320) for the basic chassis and battery with no additions. The pick-up starts at around 1,000 euros more, and the box van at a little over 18,000 euros, whilst and a fully equipped campervan will start at 28,800 euros. All prices are estimates for when launch.

modular ebussy due year