Most picturesque EV charging locations in UK revealed

Most picturesque EV charging locations in UK revealed


Some of the UK’s most picturesque EV charging locations have been highlighted by Go Ultra Low, demonstrating the fact that the number of charge points is growing rapidly.

With almost 24,000 connectors available at more than 8,700 locations, there are more places than ever to charge an EV. More than 5,000 of those connectors are on rapid devices, meaning the UK has one of the largest rapid charging networks in Europe.

Highways England is investing in infrastructure to make sure that drivers on motorways and major A-roads will never be more than 20 miles from a rapid charger, and alongside the increasing driving ranges of EVs on the market, the concept of range anxiety is quickly being eroded.

As part of an indication of the confidence EV drivers can have in the infrastructure, a number of the most beautiful locations where an EV can charge are in remote settings. However, there are also seaside spots, and places in urban centres where the surrounding architecture has seen the charge point make its way on to Go Ultra Low’s list.

The spots show a mixture of charging speeds available, and in locations as varied as city centre sites in Glasgow and London, to castles in Devon, mountain resorts in Scotland, and guest houses in Wales.

You can see the list of charge point locations highlighted below, and all are available to find on Zap-Map:

picturesque ev charging locations uk revealed(Above l-r) Another Place Hotel Ullswater, Penrith; Blythswood Square, Glasgow; Bovey Castle, Devon
 picturesque ev charging locations uk revealed(Above l-r) Bryn Elltyd Eco Guesthouse, Wales; Glencoe Mountain Sports, Ballachulish; Prince of Wales Drive, Battersea
 picturesque ev charging locations uk revealed(Above l-r) Route 303 Restaurants, Devon; Saint Leonards-on-sea, Hastings; The Shard, London

(header image) Wooldown Holiday Cottages, Bude