Networks offer free EV charging on Clean Air Day

Networks offer free EV charging on Clean Air Day


A number of public charging networks are offering EV drivers free charging today – Clean Air Day 21st June 2018.

Pod Point, InstaVolt, Franklin Energy, and Electric Blue will all be offering customers charging at no cost throughout the day. Methods vary, but users will end up with free mileage for their electric vehicle.

Also, Chargemaster is offering 500 free miles to all new Polar Plus members that sign up today (21st June 2018). The offer is equivalent to 125 kWh of electricity, and can be claimed when using the referral code CAD18.

For example, Pod Point’s Open Charge network users will be billed through the app as per usual – where applicable – but then refunded with credit within a few working days.

However, InstaVolt’s contactless bank card access will simply be set to free vend. Users will be required to tap a debit or credit card to stop and start the charge, but with no fee taken.

Clean Air Day is an initiative that aims to increase awareness of air pollution, with projects such as encouraging members of the public to make a pledge highlighting a way of reducing their own impact on air quality. Find out more information at the Clean Air Day website.

A number of EV public EV charging networks supply 100% renewable electricity to make sure that drivers charge in the greenest way possible. The likes of Chargemaster, Ecotricity, Source London, and InstaVolt all have a green energy commitment as part of their offerings.

Find charge points from all networks offering free charging on Clean Air Day on Zap-Map, by using the network filters.