New Kangoo ZE range boosted to 168 miles

New Kangoo ZE range boosted to 168 miles


Renault has announced a new version of its all-electric Kangoo van, with a new motor and battery combination that will boost the range to 168 miles on a single charge.

The updated powertrain allows for an improvement in range by more than 50%, up from the existing model’s 106 miles – both figures the official NEDC ranges. As always, Renault offers a real-world driving conditions range, in this case 124 miles.

The move sees the Kangoo join the new Renault Zoe in having a significantly increased electric driving range recently. The new Kangoo Van Z.E will be officially unveiled on Friday 13th January, at the European Motor Show in Brussels.

Further details, including power, payload, and price, will be revealed at that point. Find out where you can charge Renault Kangoo Z.E. vans by using the filters on Zap-Map.