MFG EV Power charging hub in North London

New MFG EV Power charging for North London

Nic Ryan

Eight new electric vehicle (EV) charge points in North London have been energised and are ready to use as a part of a rollout of updates to existing charge points, thanks to a partnership through the UK Power Networks Green Recovery programme.

The £1.2million Green Recovery investment has delivered 1.5MVA of extra power to the hub located on the A10 route, Stoke Newington, which now contains eight ultra-rapid 150kW charge points operated by charge point operator MFG EV Power.

UK Power Networks is delivering £66million in investment across 85 sites as part of the Green Recovery programme, to fast-track low carbon energy projects that will help achieve the Government’s Ten Point Plan towards Net Zero by 2050. 

“UK Power Networks proudly champions the EV sector in its journey towards empowering sustainable mobility,” said Martin Symes, Motor Fuel Group EV Director.

“By fostering innovative connections using its Green Recovery scheme, they pave the way for a resilient and eco-friendly future.

“This in turn allows Motor Fuel Group the opportunity to continue its fast paced Ultra Rapid charging rollout across its nearly 900 locations throughout the UK.”

 The UK Power Networks team has energised four MFG forecourts so far under the Green Recovery programme.

MFG EV Power has been awarded 2nd place in Zapmap’s Annual Charging Survey 2023-2024 for best EV charging network in the rapid/en-route rankings.

The network rankings were voted for by over 4000 EV drivers across the UK, MFG EV Power was awarded its position thanks to its network reliability and the ease of use of their charge points for drivers.

MFG also came in joint-second for payment options, which include Zap-Pay, contactless and the MFG EV Power app. 

MFG EV Power charge points can be easily found on the Zapmap app and web map, and thanks to its Live data partnership, EV drivers can see the live status and availability of all of its charging locations, making planning charging stops simpler.

Further information on the Zapmap Annual Charging Survey is available in our latest report compiled by Zapmap Insights, and our key findings report is free to download