New Nissan LEAF 30kWh impresses on first look

New Nissan LEAF 30kWh impresses on first look


Last week we had the chance to drive the new Nissan LEAF. Making the most of a varied route in the south of France, taking in the congested cities of Nice and Monaco, a climb up the Col de Turini in the Alpes-Maritime, and runs along wide motorways, we really put this new Leaf to the test.

The most notable difference is the 25% increase in range. During the test, there was never a feeling of range anxiety kicking in. As mentioned we drove it up hills and along roads that would have been deemed “unsuitable” EV terrain.

Officially, the Leaf 30kWh will cover 155 miles between charges, compared to the 24kWh’s 124 miles. In the real world though, official figures can never practically be achieved regularly. The new Leaf 30kWh will reach around 130 miles under normal driving conditions though, and that is without trying particularly hard.

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