New per kWh price for Ionity charge points announced

New per kWh price for Ionity charge points announced


Ionity has announced it is switching to a per kWh payment process, rather than the flat fee it currently operates on its ultra-rapid EV charge points.

Since the pan-European network launched, plans were always to charge a fee per kWh used, but the initial roll-out of the network has seen a fee of £8 per charging session in the UK.

As of 31st January, the pricing system will change to 69p/kWh in the UK across its charging network. There are currently more than 200 Ionity locations dotted across the main routes of Europe, featuring over 860 charge points.

The UK’s numbers see three sites – Maidstone, Milton Keynes, and Gretna Green – each housing four chargers, and additional sites are already confirmed for Cullompton, Beaconsfield, Baldock, Peterborough, Blackburn, and Leeds.

The Ionity network uses ultra-rapid charge points capable of charging at up to 350 kW via the single CCS connector tethered to the unit. There are currently no cars capable of accepting such power, but the market is shifting that way, and it means that the cars capable of charging at 100 kW or 150 kW for example can charge at their maximum rate, rather than be restricted to the 50 kW provided by much of the current rapid network.

Access to Ionity points is via the network’s app, and Ionity plans to cover 24 European countries by the end of the year, using 100% renewable electricity.