EVs charging on driveway

New pilot empowers disabled EV drivers with smart charging technology


Motability Operations has partnered with ev.energy, a smart charging software provider, to empower disabled EV drivers with smart charging benefits and rewards as well as providing them their energy consumption information.

During the first phase of the trial in the first half of 2023, over 100 Motability Scheme customers integrated ev.energy’s intuitive smart charging software into their daily EV charging routines.

The primary objective of the project was to gain data-driven insights into the charging behaviours of disabled EV drivers within the Motability Scheme to ensure these drivers maximise the benefits of electric mobility.

The results showed that, when provided with simple-to-understand energy consumption information via an app, the EV drivers changed their charging habits, and shifted their charging behaviour to rely on public charging less, underlying the significance for accessible home charging.

“We believe we have a responsibility to help our customers make the most of their switch to an electric vehicle,” said Edward Curwen, Innovation Manager, Mobility Operations.

“What this trial shows is that by testing new technologies and solutions we can find ways to make our customers' lives a little easier and save them money.

“More importantly this just feels like the beginning. I’m confident there are more opportunities to find benefits for our customers in this space.” 

Participants saw monthly savings ranging from £13 to an impressive £128. Motability customers embraced the cost-saving technology, with 87% actively utilising the smart charging feature – surpassing the national average observed by ev.energy.

“Having fair and equitable access to electric vehicles is a huge part of our core mission and we believe that no one should be denied using technology that makes driving cheaper and greener,” said Kathleen MacLean, Head of Growth at ev.energy.

“It has been a real joy to work with the team at Motability and to gain insights and understanding of how we can refine and improve our services for disadvantaged drivers. 

“We are not just shaping the future of EV charging, but also ensuring that it is inclusive.”


For more information about the trial, visit the Motability website