New Tesla Model 3 launched

New Tesla Model 3 launched


Tesla has revealed the first images of the new Tesla Model 3, which started rolling off the production line on Friday last week (7th July).

Tweeted by company CEO Elon Musk, the new Model 3’s exterior looks very like the pre-production version unveiled to much fan-fare more than a year ago.

As yet, no interior images have been released for final production models, so we don’t know for sure whether the extremely clean and simple interior remains from the launch model. These details are sure to come to light shortly though, and development models spied have features the same single, large landscape screen, with no conventional instrument binnacle, set-up.

The first car to have left the production line is going to Musk himself, though that’s because it was bought by a Tesla employee and is being given to him as a birthday present.

The smallest Tesla currently available is a saloon-style hatchback, much like the Model S, though is more compact and is aimed directly at the likes of BMW and Mercedes PHEV executive saloon offerings.

Production has started at a small rate, though that will expand quickly and dramatically if the manufacturing process follow’s Tesla’s plans. In August, 100 models are set to be made, but that will shift to a predicted 20,000 Model 3’s a month by December.


Images courtesy of Elon Musk

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