New Tesla Model S rental and chauffeur services launched in UK

New Tesla Model S rental and chauffeur services launched in UK


The arrival of the Tesla Model S to British shores in June 2014 has given rise to two new companies, eVISION Supercars and Eden EV, who both offer the opportunity to hire the fully-electric Model S either on a short-term or long-term rental.

Both companies are hoping to capture the popularity of the Tesla Model S, which has been well-reviewed since reaching the UK, and emphasise the Model S’s environmental benefits, as well as its uncompromising performance.

eVISION Supercars, the larger company of the two, is based an hour outside central London and claims to own a fleet of 34 Tesla Model S’.

It is unique to Eden EV in that eVISION Supercars, as well as offering a self-drive rental service, also offer an executive chauffeur service to businesses and individuals. This includes airport transfers in London and the South-East.

eVISION offer the Model S’s to customers with a complimentary full charge, which is supplied from the solar panels fitted at their depot.

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Eden EV are located in Buckinghamshire and operate a smaller fleet of Tesla Model S EV’s that they say will be 10-strong by the end of the year and increased to 15 during 2015. They are expecting to expand quickly, with plans to add centres in both Manchester and Bristol in the near future.

They offer a rental service that allows customers to hire a Model S for up to 30 days. They advocate their services to businesses, enthusiasts and prospective buyers, who may be interested in gaining an ownership experience a short test drive cannot provide.

Furthermore, Eden EV says it has already placed orders for Tesla’s Model X electric SUV, which is due to begin production early next year.

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