NewMotion to install 140 charge points at new Aldi stores

NewMotion to install 140 charge points at new Aldi stores


NewMotion has agreed a deal with Aldi to install EV charge points at the supermarket’s sites. A three year partnership will see around 140 new chargers added to the network – with the possibility for more should there be demand.

The agreement will see NewMotion units installed at all new Aldi stores in the UK. NewMotion’s 22 kW units can charge significantly faster than the more common 7 kW fast points, and are intended to future-proof Aldi’s set-up.

With EVs getting larger batteries and supporting faster AC charging, the NewMotion points will ensure that EV drivers shopping at Aldi will be able to receive a fast charge.

Alan McCleave, UK General Manager of NewMotion, said: “We are excited to be partnering with one of the UK’s fastest growing supermarkets. We are scaling up our offering in the UK to make EV charging easy and accessible for a growing number of drivers. Now is the perfect time for retailers and commercial businesses to invest in their charging infrastructure.”

The move comes as increasing numbers of charge points are being installed at supermarkets. With customers able to charge whilst they shop, EV charging when the car is parked up and doing nothing easily adds a number of miles to the car’s range with no additional waiting.

Zap-Map analysis in March this year showed supermarket charge point numbers had doubled in two years, and it’s a trend that’s accelerating. Supermarkets are increasingly signing deals with national networks to create charging provision for EV drivers at their stores.

Pod Point – the dominant network at supermarkets currently – has chargers with the likes of Tesco, Lidl, Sainsbury’s, and Co-op, Morrisons has a partnership with GeniePoint for rapid units, and Polar has charge points at a number of Asda and Waitrose sites.