Zap-Map App now available

Zap-Map App now available


The Zap-Map App is launched today – it enables EV drivers to locate publically available EV charging points across the UK.

The Zap-Map App is designed to improve the electric driving experience for all by enabling EV owners to safely search the charging network on the move.

Whilst offering much of the functionality available on the website, it also provides some specific features and benefits, including: a full screen map, enhanced filtering capabilities and an easy to use, intuitive user interface. Importantly users can also use the app offline.

The Zap-Map App allows users to view charging points in map or list mode. For each point, relevant charge point information is provided including: geo-location, charging power and connector type.

Charge points can be searched by rated power (kW), connector type and by EV model. Users are also able to ‘favourite’, share and provide feedback on each charging point; relevant updates are then added to the database for the benefit of all users.

Announcing today’s launch, Melanie Shufflebotham, Head of Sales and Marketing at said: “With over 25,000 electric cars already registered in the UK, and strong growth forecast for 2015, there is a high level of demand for tools to provide clear charging point information to aid journey planning.

“We are delighted to rollout the Zap-Map App, with its unique search functionality and market-leading usability. Today’s launch marks the first of a series of innovative EV Apps which we have designed to support the EV community.”

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The Zap-Map App has the following key features:

UK-wide charging point map: Zap-Map App currently shows over 3,000 charging locations and 8,000 charging points on a map or list view. Users have the option to search UK charge points by postcode or location, manually refresh charge point data and see points in list view even when off-line.

Filter by charge point type, connector and EV model: Users can filter map and list results by any combination of charge point type and connectors. Users can also select an EV model to only view charge points compatible with their EV and then further filter the charge points as required.

View essential charge point info: Key charge point information is accessible from both the map and the list. This includes the charging locations full name and address, number and type of charging points, access and parking costs, network operator, contact details and additional information.

Feedback, comment and share charge point details: Users can ‘favourite’ a point, share details via email or social media, and add comments which are moderated and the database updated as appropriate. Integrated cross-platform information will be available in Zap-Map App 2.0 to be launched later this year.5screenshots

The iOS version of the Zap-Map App is available to download from the official Apple App Store from 25th February 2015 with an Android version to be released on Google Play in mid-March. The Zap-Map App is priced at £4.99 including VAT.

For more information about the Zap-Map App visit: