NHS Shetland new EV fleet car

NHS Shetland goes electric

Nic Ryan

NHS Shetland has taken the decision to replace its Board’s Mazda 2 fleet with electric vehicles (EVs) in an effort to reduce its carbon footprint and continue its commitment to sustainability.

NHS Scotland is aiming to become a net zero health service by 2040, with all vehicles to be net zero emission vehicles by 31 December 2025.

A total of 24 MG4 vehicles have been phased in, bringing the overall EV fleet to 35.

NHS Shetland has installed 22 charge points across NHS locations to ensure the fleet can recharge when required - funding of £76,000 for the charging point infrastructure came from the Scottish Government fleet decarbonisation programme.

The Board has been steadily increasing the proportion of its vehicle fleet that runs on electricity since 2016. This month marks a significant step towards change as zero emission vehicles now account for 75% of the NHS overall vehicle fleet.

“This is an important step for NHS Shetland and it demonstrates our commitment to tackling climate change,” said Gary Robinson, Board Chair.

“By replacing almost all our fleet with fully electric vehicles, we are significantly reducing our emissions from our vehicles.”