Nissan launches £5000 battery replacement scheme

Nissan launches £5000 battery replacement scheme


Nissan has announced a new battery replacement scheme for their electric vehicle customers, meaning car batteries can be replaced at the reduced price of £4,920.

Nissan provides a 5 year, 60,000 mile warranty on their batteries. This accounts for capacity loss and covers both Nissan LEAF and e-NV200 owners.

Outside of this, the Japanese car manufactured has now said that brand new 24 kWh replacement battery packs can be bought for £4,920 + VAT, as opposed to £20,000 they were quoting three years ago.

EV drivers will also benefit £1000 trade-in discount by offering their old battery packs to Nissan.

Paul O’Neill, EV Manager at Nissan, said: “We are extremely confident in the longevity of our battery technology but we are pleased to be able to provide further assurances to the growing community of Leaf drivers in the UK and dispel myths around battery pricing.

“Nissan expects that the majority of Leaf drivers will never need to replace their battery, and the fact that we have only replaced three batteries out of 30,000 Leafs sold across Europe since launch, certainly supports this.”

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