Nissan launches New LEAF in Europe

Nissan launches new LEAF


Nissan has unveiled its new LEAF to the world in a live stream from Tokyo today (Wednesday 6th September). The highly anticipated second-generation LEAF features a quoted 236 mile (380km) range on the NEDC cycle. A real-world range of around 190 miles can be expected, about 40% more than the current model.

The new version of the best selling electric vehicle in the world is the first true second-generation mass-market EV to come to market. This has allowed Nissan’s engineers to work with a new set of dimensions than those previously offered by the LEAF MkI.


As such, the new LEAF boasts a 40kWh battery, which powers a 110kW electric motor. Performance times are yet to be announced, but considering the outgoing LEAF has an 80kW electric motor, you can expect an improvement on its 11.5 second 0-62mph time – especially as Nissan is promising a more engaging driving experience.

Brimming with advanced technology for its segment, Nissan had already teased features such as one-pedal driving, and semi-autonomous driving systems wrapped up in the ProPILOT package. The new LEAF also has improved aerodynamics, to further boost efficiency.


The model is set to become a ‘core’ of the Nissan model line-up, taking the company’s ‘EV leadership to the next level’. Vehicle to home and vehicle to grid charging technologies will be integrated into the range too, with the new LEAF set to provide an engaging driving experience, and make both driving and charging easier for owners.

Classier cabin and exterior styling look to make the LEAF more appealing to buyers too, with a new 7-inch touch screen display – featuring Apple CarPlay – and high levels of equipment expected when launched in Europe.

Details are to be announced at a later date, but Nissan has also confirmed a more powerful and longer-range version of the new LEAF too. This will be at a higher price, but take the LEAF into the lead in terms of mass-market EV range.


Charging times will take 16 hours at 3kW, and eight hours from a 7kW unit. Rapid DC charging will take 40 minutes, with the current LEAF Type 1 and CHAdeMO charging standards being brought forward on to the new one.

Pricing will be announced closer to on sale date in the UK, but at the car’s launch in Japan – the first market to get the new model – Nissan promised prices that compare to the out-going model’s.

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