Pure EV registrations up against UK market dip

Nissan Leaf is most popular EV in Europe


Nissan’s Leaf was the best selling pure-electric model in Europe last year according to the manufacturer’s calculations, with more than 40,000 units sold during 2018.

The Leaf has long been at the top of the pure-electric leaderboard in the UK, with the market an important one for Nissan, particularly as its Sunderland plant is one of the manufacturing centres for the EV.

More than 12,000 Leafs were sold in 2018 in Norway, the world’s leading EV nation in terms of market share. In fact, it was the country’s best-selling model outright, with the EV trumping even conventionally powered models.

The news comes about as developments look to keep the Leaf at the top of the EV market. The announcement of the Leaf e+ sees a more powerful and longer-range version due in the UK later this year, with improved equipment and supporting app for both this, and the updated 3.Zero Leaf 40 kWh.

Software updates look to have improved the issue surrounding multiple rapid charging in a single day too, something that we have found to be the case at least to a certain degree with our long-term test model – though we shall put the Leaf through more gruelling rapid charging challenges soon.

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