Nissan Leaf owners cover almost 2 billion miles

Nissan Leaf owners cover almost 2 billion miles


Nissan has revealed that Leaf owners have clocked up more than three billion zero-tailpipe emission kilometres (1.86 billion miles) combined, saving nearly 50 million kilograms of CO2.

To mark the achievement, Nissan opened a pop-up cafe in Paris, with the Nissan Electric Cafe marking the start of a new digital community platform called Electrify The World.

The new platform aims to inspire users to talk about sustainability and energy efficient living, with discussions and interactions with the company, joining together people from all over Europe to share hints and tips.

The cafe was open to the general public from 16th-18th December, and allowed customers to pay with energy. Cutting edge technology allowed them to produce their own energy, which they could then use as currency to pay for their drinks etc.

The pop-up cafe showcased a range of new Nissan systems, including the company’s xStorage home energy storage unit – made from second-life Nissan Leaf batteries. Pavegen tiles formed a floor that generates electricity when people walk on it, while bar stools were situated in front of pedal-driven electric generators, that encouraged customers to cycle while they drank.

The mileage figure is calculated by Nissan’s Global Data Centre.

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