Oldham Council is taking delivery of seven Nissan LEAFs

Oldham Council is taking delivery of seven Nissan LEAFs


Oldham Council is taking delivery of seven new electric vehicles in collaborating with Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service and Greater Manchester Police.

The local authority has underlined its green credentials, co-operative working and value for money approach by purchasing seven Nissan LEAF electric cars.

These eco-friendly vehicles will replace some of the council’s ageing fleet – and the reduction in emissions will help improve air quality on the borough’s streets.

The vehicles will be operated by the Council’s district teams – one LEAF will be allocated to each area. Another LEAF is being made available for the Enforcement team – to help us tackle those who break the law.

The purchase of these vehicles is part of the council’s commitment to green transport. Electric vehicles have no tailpipe emissions and with the present electricity generation mix produce less carbon dioxide than their petrol and diesel equivalents.

It is anticipated that with improvements to electricity generation and the national grid, even less emissions will be attributable to electric vehicles in the future.

As can been seen on Zap-Map live, as part of the Greater Manchester Electric Vehicle (GMEV) and private schemes a number of electric vehicle charging points are already live throughout the borough.

The five operating locations in Oldham town centre are at: Civic Centre car park (Queen Elizabeth Hall forecourt), Hobson Street lower ground floor car park, Rock Street, Waterloo Street car park and George Street.

The non-town centre electric charging bays are: Croft Street car park (Failsworth), St John Street/Elliott Street car park (Lees), Kershaw Street East/Westway car park (Shaw), Chadderton Town Hall and the Metrolink Park and Ride locations at Derker and Hollinwood.

Councillor Barbara Brownridge, Oldham Council’s Cabinet Member for Neighbourhoods and Co-operatives, said: “Electric vehicles have come a long way in recent years and current models are now on a par with conventional vehicles in terms of driving experience and comfort, only far quieter, considerably cheaper to run and miles better for the environment.

“These new vehicles will make it easier for council officers based in our district town halls to get out and about their patches, responding to the needs of residents.

“For example if there has been a report of someone fly tipping, one of our enforcement officers can go out in the LEAF and gather evidence that could lead to a prosecution. As a council we are committed to minimising vehicle emissions from our fleet. We also take a comprehensive approach to reducing vehicle use, including promoting more sustainable staff travel, such as using public transport and car sharing.”

Kevin Talbot, GMFRS Oldham Borough Manager said: “We’re delighted to be working with our partners to provide a better service to the people of Oldham using this new fleet of electric cars.

“Our Community Safety teams and Protection Officers will be able to visit the community and provide fire safety advice in the environmentally friendly vehicles.

“By co-operating with partners at Oldham Council and GMP together we’re providing better public value through collaboration.”

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