Panasonic goes electric for company fleet

Panasonic goes electric for company fleet


Almost one fifth of Panasonic UK’s fleet is now made up of electric and hybrid cars, with further electrified models planned.

Out of the 170 company vehicles on Panasonic’s fleet, 10 are standard hybrids and 19 are plug-in hybrids. There are three more PHEVs ordered and, combined, the use of electric and hybrid vehicles has seen company fleet emissions drop my more than a third since 2008.

Head of fleet strategy at Panasonic UK, Jason Plummer, leads by example, driving a PHEV as a company car, mainly of electric power. Having covered more than 9,000 miles on the first year of use, only £129 has been spent on petrol with a real-world fuel economy figure of 337 MPG.

A 50 kWh solar array has been installed on the roof of the company’s headquarters in Bracknell. This provides power for the four free EV charging bays in the car park.

One of the company’s main suppliers is Alphabet, and General Manager Debbie Jenkins said: “Their use of PHEVs and hybrids is five to six times greater than other comparably-sized corporate fleets.”

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