Pod Point boosts workplace charging grant

Pod Point boosts workplace charging grant


Pod Point is topping up the Workplace Charging Scheme (WCS) for businesses and organisations looking to install EV charge points – with up to £550 off the cost of each socket.

Following last month’s announcement that the WCS funding was being reduced from £500 per socket to £350 per socket, Pod Point is topping that up by up to £200.

It allows businesses to save a maximum of £22,000 off the cost of 40 fully-installed EV charge points, when combining the Pod Point offer and WCS grant – an additional £8,000 on top of WCS funding alone.

With BIK rates at extremely low levels for all plug-in models – and zero for pure-electric cars – fleets are increasingly going electric.

By ordering up to ten sockets, Pod Point will top up the £350 WCS grant by an additional £100. Ordering 11-20 sockets sees Pod Point adding £150 to the grant, and ordering 21-40 sockets sees the full £200 top-up.

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