Polar installs first 150 kW ultra rapid EV chargers

Polar installs first 150 kW ultra rapid EV chargers


BP Chargemaster has started rolling out its ultra-rapid EV charge points, with the first 150 kW points added to the company’s Polar network.

Installed at the BP forecourt at Cranford, near Heathrow, the first two 150 kW ultra-rapid points on the Polar network go live this week.

They are the first of 400 ultra-rapid chargers due to be installed by the end of 2021 at BP locations across the UK.

The chargers feature CCS and CHAdeMO connectors, and are accessible via RFID card to Polar Plus customers, app for pay-as-you-go Polar Instant users, or contactless bank card.

David Newton, chief operating officer of BP Chargemaster, said: “We believe our establishment of a nationwide ultra-fast charging network will be transformative for the electric vehicle market in the UK.

“Working closely with global vehicle manufacturers, we are developing the solutions that electric vehicle drivers need to enable them to charge confidently and conveniently, wherever they are in the country.

“BP’s forecourts are ideal locations for this technology, which will provide an expected dwell time of 10-12 minutes, not dissimilar from the average of around seven minutes spent by drivers of petrol and diesel cars on a forecourt today.”

As Polar is a dynamic data partner of Zap-Map’s the chargers will appear on the map as they go live.