Polar Instant changes rates

Polar Instant changes rates


Members of the Polar Instant Pay as you Go charging network will see a change in rates from Tuesday 1st December, with a £1.20 admin fee charged each time an EV is connected to a charging post.

The Polar Instant scheme, run by Chargemaster, will see app users subject to the new charge whether connecting to free or charging points. However, those points that do charge will see reductions in the cost per hour or half hour.

As of the beginning of December, a 13 amp socket will cost £1 per hour, a Type 2 socket £1.5 per hour and a rapid charging point £6 per half hour.

The method of payment will remain unchanged with a balance stored in the user’s app and deductions made when charging.

The changes in rates are only applicable to Polar Instant members and do not affect those who are part of the Polar Plus network. This sees a monthly subscription fee at £7.85, though the first six months are free. Users of pay-to-use charging points then pay for the electricity used rather than time, at 9p per kWh. Members get other benefits too including a points programme that gives access to a fleet of plug-in vehicles to have on loan.

For more information on the changes, visit the websites at www.polarinstant.com and www.polar-network.com. Alternatively, visit Zap-Map’s Charging pages for more information on charging electric vehicles in general.