Polar rolls out contactless payment on rapid chargers

Polar rolls out contactless payment on rapid chargers


Polar has announced that it will include a contactless bank card payment option on all new rapid chargers installed – both 50 kW and 150 kW ultra-rapid units. Polar will also retro-fit systems to existing rapid chargers.

With more than 450 rapid chargers already in the ground, BP Chargemaster – which operates the Polar network – will retro-fit the technology over the next 12 months. This opens charger use up to anyone with a contactless debit or credit card, which both stops and starts the charging process, and bills the customer.

Polar units have been available on a pay-as-you-go basis, but required the user to register with the Polar Instant app before use. This announcement will streamline that process across the board, for those that aren’t subscribers to the Polar Plus service. There are already Polar chargers with contactless card access, but not all offer that payment option.

Thanks to Polar’s dynamic data partner status with Zap-Map, new charger points will appear on desktop map and app as soon as they go live. Contactless card enabled chargers can easily be seen by using the filter.