Production version of Honda e launched

Production version of Honda e launched


Honda has revealed the full-production version of its electric Honda e ahead of the models public debut at Frankfurt next week.

The pure-electric supermini will be available with a choice of two electric motors – rated at either 100 kW or 113 kW. Both produce 315 Nm of torque and drive the rear wheels. The more powerful motor allows a 0-62mph time of around eight seconds.

A 35.5 kWh battery is fitted low in the compact supermini’s chassis, and Honda’s provisional range figure is 137 miles on a single charge. Although this will be based on WLTP procedures – and therefore relatively accurate – the official tests have not been completed yet.

Rapid charging is quoted at 30 minutes for a charge to 80%, so calculations mean it will be able to charge at up to 50 kW. Concept versions featured CHAdeMO inlets, though CCS would be the logical choice for a European market. Full specifications will be discovered closer to launch.

Electric wing mirrors are retained from the prototype models, as are the dual 12.3-inch touchscreens making up the Honda e’s dashboard and infotainment system. A minimalist interior is aimed at the premium end of the market, and the Honda e’s relatively small range will not be an issue to targeted buyers.

Launched with the EV is Honda Personal Assistant, which allows voice controls to be activated with natural commands. It is triggered with an ‘OK Honda’, and it will learn an individuals voice over time for greater accuracy.

Connected car services will feature via the My Honda+ app, letting owners control the usual EV features such as charging times and status updates, pre-conditioning, and location. Access can be made via a digital key, which requires the user to have an app installed on their phone to use the car.