Rapid charging project improves continental EV travel

Rapid charging project improves continental EV travel


Cross-Europe travel for electric vehicle drivers has been made easier with the completion of the UNIT-E project, which has seen new rapid chargers installed in the UK and abroad.

With six rapid units recently installed on the Electric Highway network, the UNIT-E project aimed to fill in gaps in the EV charging network that wold prevent easy European driving.

Now drivers can cross France to the UK, Belgium, or Italy with good coverage of rapid chargers on major routes. The focus on these shores was covering the run from Folkestone and Dover, up to London and the Home Counties via the M20, M25, and M1.

The project was coordinated by EDF in France and Zero Carbon Futures in the UK, and involved a total of 38 new rapid charge points installed in Belgium, France, Italy, and the UK.

A Nissan spokesperson, said: “The UNIT-E project set out to identify and fill gaps in the existing European charging network to support drivers to make seamless electric journeys. This project makes it feasible for an electric car driver to travel from Scotland to Genoa in Italy or Brussels in Belgium using public charging to support their journeys.”

The project is co-financed by the European Union through the CEF programme which has been established to support the construction and modernisation of transport infrastructure across the EU. The project is also supported by Renault, Nissan and BMW.

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