Tesla Destination Charging points now added to Zap-Map

Rapid growth for Tesla Destination Charger network


There are now more than 1,000 Tesla Destination Chargers installed across Europe, with the milestone reached in less than a year after the network launch on this continent.

The UK has more than 100 Tesla Destination charge points, expanding the Supercharger network into more remote areas and to locations where waiting times are less urgent.

Destination Chargers now reach from the Arctic Circle to Croatia, and in locations as varied as ski resorts, shopping centres, marinas, resorts, hotels, and theme parks. In the UK, there are now Destination Chargers across the mainland, from St Ives in Cornwall to Inverness in Scotland.

Destination Chargers add up to 60 miles of range per hour, and are intended to be used by Tesla owners at locations where they will be spending an hour or more. This network supplements the Supercharger network which offers faster charging, often on or near motorway routes, rapidly.

Destination Chargers are sometimes installed at the same time as non-Tesla specific charge points too, meaning there are some locations where any EV can charge should they have a Type 2 cable.

To find Tesla Destination charge points, select the relevant filter on Zap-Map.